News - Delft Project Management Group meeting on 27-28th October 2014
Life Cycle Engineering approach to develop a novel EU-harmonized sustainability certification system for cost-effective, safer and greener road infrastructures

Delft Project Management Group meeting on 27-28th October 2014


On 27th and 28th October 2015, TNO held a Project Management Group meeting of the ECOLABEL consortium. The discussion focussed on the development of the ongoing tasks in WP1 and WP2, as well as immediate actions to be taken in WP3.

The main objective in WP1 is the establishment of the baseline for the ECOLABEL development (mainly identification of KPIs) for a greener, cost-effective, safer and resilient to climate change materials and infrastructure. Immediate action under WP2 will be the definition of the ECOLABEL methodology covering main LCE (life-cycle enginnering) aspects as well new indicators related to new challenges (i.e. climate change, new technologies).

At the moment, partners are preparing various national workshops in various member states which will take place in the coming two months to present the ECOLABEL project to national authorities and bring input to improve the methodology which will be developed. In addition, a European workshop will take place in Brussels in the first quarter of 2015.


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