News - LCE4ROADS final conference on 17th November in Brussels
Life Cycle Engineering approach to develop a novel EU-harmonized sustainability certification system for cost-effective, safer and greener road infrastructures

LCE4ROADS final conference on 17th November in Brussels


Register now for the LCE4ROADS project’s final conference, to be held on Thursday 17th November in Brussels. The conference will present all the project results, including the LCE4ROADS methodology and associated software too, as well as the methods for implementing and exploiting the methodology.

The LCE4ROADS project in the Seventh EU Framework Programme arises from the necessity for a new, green, holistic and EU-harmonised certification system integrating a Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) approach: environmental indicators along with the economic, technical and social aspects, for the assessment of future and existing road infrastructures, as well as their construction materials such as asphalt mixtures and cement-based materials. For more information and to register, contact More détails will be available shortly on this website.


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