News - Turkish workshop held on Tuesday 10th March 2015
Life Cycle Engineering approach to develop a novel EU-harmonized sustainability certification system for cost-effective, safer and greener road infrastructures

Turkish workshop held on Tuesday 10th March 2015


The Turkish WP2 workshop was held on Tuesday 10th March 2015 in Ankara, Turkey, with the attendance of 23 people from the Turkish Standards Institution, Turkish Asphalt Contractor Association, The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, Turkish Accreditation Agency, Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Atılım University, some leading construction companies and related General Directorate of Highways (KGM) personnel. The main aim of this workshop was  to validate the methodology within WP2: Sustainability certification for road products and infrastructures. After informing the participants on the LCE4ROADS project in general, the LCE4ROADS methodology and weights for the different LCE aspects and KPIs were discussed. Minutes of the workshop along with opinions were sent to the project coordinator. The workshop was organized by Fatma Orhan of KGM.

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