Work Package 4
Life Cycle Engineering approach to develop a novel EU-harmonized sustainability certification system for cost-effective, safer and greener road infrastructures

Work Package 4: Development of the LCE4ROADS software tool

To develop and implement a software tool based on the LCE4ROADS methodology. The tool will consider the integration of the certification methodologies developed for road infrastructures on the basis of process modelling and simulation application, aiming the evaluation of the global performance of road stages. The tool also aims to boost and facilitate the implementation of the methodology in all EU State Members and other countries related with EU Ecolabel. This tool will be able to assign advanced EU Ecolabels to the road project (pavement) evaluated and the road products to be used, and will provide recommendations to improve the Ecolabel assigned, supporting the decision making of relevant stakeholders and groups of interest. This includes the following tasks:

  • To assess the standards as the basis for the operation of the multicriteria assessing tool for ecolabelling.
  • To provide partial scores on parameters, criteria, the influence of weights, sensitivity analyses etc. to give insight and help the user to improve the road infrastructure and its products

Work Package Leader: 

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